BRAVO’s participation in the 2019 NJ State History Fair at Monmouth Battlefield State Park on September 14th was a huge success. We demonstrated the basic concepts of battlefield archaeology to both children and parents.

BRAVO volunteers took the children to a designated area to find and recover “artifakes” which are musket balls that were actually fired, but by re-enactors in past years live round firelock competitions.

These bullets have been in the ground for many years, so they looked like real artifacts. After the artifake was recovered, BRAVO’s Surveyor General, Eric Sivilich, would measure its exact location using an RTK (super accurate GPS).

The participants were then directed to take their artifake back to the BRAVO booth to have them weighed to determine the original caliber and then, using the longitude and latitude coordinates from the RTK, each artifake position was plotted into a GIS (Geographic Information System) by Dana Linck (BRAVO VP and Professional Archaeologist), the participants and their parents could see exactly where their artifake was found in relation to other artifakes found that day. As the day went on, the mapped points increased thus showing the location of the mock battle.

Once the weighing and mapping was completed, each child received a Junior Archaeologist certificate:

Many thanks to all of the BRAVO volunteers for making this day possible. Photos by Ken Amann and Jeff Sayre.

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